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Brutale Fietsen Rotterdam

If there is one thing that makes me very happy, besides branding, it is old motorcycles. In 2018 I decided to combine these two passions; customizing and redesigning old motorcycles. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a true full-blown community. Motorshop Brutale Fietsen Rotterdam was born. A place for creative motorcycle enthusiasts, a hang-out where ideas and concepts could come to life.


Brutale Fietsen Rotterdam was a motorcycle workshop in which I have been able, with great enjoyment, to put all my passion into and build a beautiful network. After a number of wonderful years, I decided to close down the workshop and to solely focus on the branding profession, even though every weekend I still hang upside down from my motor cycle. To this day I see people walking around with merchandise from Brutale Fietsen Rotterdam, which I am very proud of and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity for starting this business.


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