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Sip First

The owners of Sip First approached me to think about a new coffee concept in Breda. The owners Teun and Inge already owned a popular coffee spot in the city and they wanted to take the coffee experience to a new level by creating a new concept. The coffee beans would come from all over the world, their equipment custom made and tea sommelier Inge would unleash her inspiration on the menu.


After a number of debriefing sessions, it became clear to me that Inge and Teun foremost wanted to create a creative hub for real coffee lovers. Color and art had to be the starting point and they wanted to attract young and bright people.


In the conceptual phase I first started formulating three conceptual moods respectively ‘contemporary’, ‘urban acid’, and ‘Kreuzberg’. From out these universes we had a good talk about their vision.


After choosing the direction of the conceptual moods, the name had to be determined. The name Sip First was chosen; take time for yourself, leave the world for what it is and just take a sip of your coffee first. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the day, enjoying that first sip. And then we can press the ‘play’ button again.


This manifesto gave me the idea of what the logo should look like. The branding gives a subtle hint to the perception of time. The stripes in the pattern of the logo symbolize a ticking clock, but the hands of the clock always jump by a quarter hour. Take your time, the time is here.


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